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IT Infrastructure management services for nonprofits

We live in a technical world. Every organization whether it is a commercial enterprise, a nonprofit, government agency or a public service organization has a technology based strategy and a digital presence. With the advantages of technology also comes the burden of maintaining this technology and maintaining the technical skills within the organization. This is easily said than done. Every minute and every dollar spent supporting technical issues, learning new applications or battling security threats, detracts the organization from its fundamental mission. That is why we have made it our mission at Start To End Networks to worry about our client’s technical and IT infrastructure needs. We specialize in providing IT infrastructure management, administration and support to our clients.

At Start to End Networks, we have been implementing, administering and managing the IT infrastructure for all kinds of organizations but particularly for federal government agencies, for SMBs and for nonprofit organizations. Each of our business units has expert staff that understand the needs of that particular industry. Our teams are well versed in managing a broad spectrum of networks for various business segments. We have developed best practices across each industry. For the nonprofit segment, we understand the budget constraints, the staff shortages, the lack of training, the outreach and fundraising needs, the pressure of new content creation, the dependence on CRM applications and membership databases, on which each nonprofit and association relies. All of the above combined with the fact that nonprofits are highly targeted by cyber criminals. This requires a dedicated focus on IT infrastructure on a daily basis. We provide dedicated start to end service whether you are looking for Managed IT solutions for your existing infrastructure or to set up a new office or move to an existing office within the Washington DC metro area.

Our teams of highly skilled specialists are immersed in technology every day. From the start to end, we manage the entire IT infrastructure from strategy, design, planning, implementation and monitoring to deliver the uptime, performance and security your staff and users expect. At Start To End Networks, we manage all aspects of your technology, digital presence, network and system infrastructures and security as part of our start to end managed services.

Specialized Services

  • Provide ongoing and on-demand IT management, administration and support services
  • Provide dedicated IT support and 24/7/365 coverage
  • Proactively manage and monitor desktops, servers and networks
  • Proactively monitor network devices to identify and resolve issues and maximize system availability—including routers, firewalls, switches, virtual hosts and network storage
  • Install and manage firewalls
  • Proactively manage network and system security
  • Install, manage and update virus, spam and spyware/malware protection software
  • Proactively manage desktop and server side software updates and patches
  • Provide server administration, security administration, and network administration
  • Analyze, Design, Implement and Manage fully encrypted local or cloud based backups and disaster recovery solutions
  • Host websites and email in our secure and data centers
  • Provide anytime, anywhere access to email
  • Our Managed IT service solutions fully integrate with our client’s infrastructure so its just like having an in-house IT services team. Here are some key features that sets us apart:
  • 24X7 Help Desk Support – Provide 24X7 coverage by Microsoft Certified Professionals
  • Comprehensive Real-Time Network Monitoring – Identify and resolve computer support issues, even before they are reported.
  • Backup Solutions – Data is critical. We provide both local and Cloud based backup solutions to protect your data. Our solutions are automated, totally secure, and extremely reliable
  • Extensive Knowledge-Base – Our certified network engineers build a comprehensive knowledge base of your organization’s IT infrastructure
  • Return on Investment (ROI) – We provide these benefits at a fraction of cost to maximize your ROI. Unlike other companies, our low cost doesn’t come at expense of quality. We take pride in providing very high level of service and professional expertise.
  • We also provide additional services

An alternative to purchasing, managing and maintaining servers and desktop equipment whether it is cloud based virtual desktops or dedicated workstations.
Best in class Computer Hardware, Software and Networking Appliances from the manufacturers directly
Routers and Firewalls from Cisco
Ability to purchase network equipment, routers, firewalls
Desktop Encryption – provide whole disk encryption for laptops and desktops running Microsoft Windows and Apple Mac operating systems. We fully manage the entire encryption process, including administering policies, users, configurations and other aspects.
Email Options – Email is the life blood of many organizations. We offer the following options to our hosted email service for your nonprofit organization:
Mobile email
Email archiving
Archiving for compliance
Email encryption
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